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The Emmy nominations were announced early this morning with few surprises – Gleeks like me already knew that the hit show “Glee” would receive many Emmy noms. But the best surprise of all came for those of us who have never wavered in our love of Coach Taylor and his wife Tammy. After four amazing seasons, Emmy finally got wise and gave both Connie Britton and Kyle Chandler some love by giving them, and the series, their first Emmy noms.
Sure, I think Zach Gilford was completely robbed of a nomination after his gut-wrenching performance in the episode “The Son,” but I have to focus on the positive right now.
Sure, I know Chandler and Britton are in tough fields and have no chance of actually winning, but I repeat, I have to focus on the positive right now.
It’s been a spectacular season for the show, the best since season one, and Britton and Chandler have been the glue holding that series together from the beginning. So an Emmy nomination for a show that has been on the brink of cancellation every year can only mean more viewers out there will finally realize the brilliance of this show and maybe even convince NBC to give it some life after next year’s season five.
If you would like to see a list of the rest of the Emmy nominations, you can find it all at the official Emmy website.Then come on back and dish about your faves here at Idol Chatter.

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