The third season of HBO’s vampire-centric hit ‘True Blood’ premiers a week from Sunday on June 13th. Crossover fans of ‘Twilight’ have a lot to look forward to since it seems a major story line of the show this summer involves a hot and heavy love triangle.***SPOILER ALERT***When last we left Sookie Stackhouse, she was having a romantic dinner with her sweet-natured, protective vampire beau Bill. Bill had just proposed marriage to his human love and she was debating what to do in the ladies room, having fled the room when she didn’t know whether to say yes. Vampire Bill, of course, was stricken. Not the sort of response a guy hopes for when proposing marriage, vampire or not. Heavy on Sookie’s mind, of course, is the connection she feels with the not-so-sweet, dangerous and sexy vampire, Eric, who wants Sookie to himself. Every time Sookie falls asleep she seems to have fantasies about Eric, even though she loves Bill.Trailers for Season Three have Sookie and Eric some rather compromising scenarios–whether these are dreams or real is unclear.In a very Twilight-New Moon-like move, Bill has disappeared–maybe he’s left Sookie voluntarily or was kidnapped but regardless, like Edward in New Moon, Bill seems like he’ll be offstage for a lot of Season Three, which will force Sookie to lean on Eric for companionship and protection, much like Bella does with Jacob. Of course, while Jacob is a sweetie, Eric is decidedly not.I’m just hoping that this season of ‘True Blood’ doesn’t get as depraved as the last one. I’ll take a love triangle and some werewolf conflict (yup, there’s werewolves, too!) over bizarre, zombie-orgies every episode.

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