official-eclipse-movie-poster.jpgIn honor of the June 30th release of ‘Eclipse,’ the third movie installment in the Twilight Saga, I thought it would be fun to spend some time thinking about some tv and film love triangle favorites of mine (most from tv). The first on the list, should already be obvious:
1) Bella, Edward, and Jacob from ‘Twilight.’ Isn’t the star-crossed love triangle between girl, boy-vampire, and boy-werewolf the reason behind why the ‘Twilight Saga’ has become a world-wide phenomenon? I’m Team Edward when it comes to the books, but I have to say, in the movie version, Jacob is winning my over.
2) Buffy, Angel, and Spike from ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer.’ Watching Spike (sigh) vie for Buffy’s affections in the wake of her star-crossed love affair with Angel, Spike’s number one enemy, is about as swoon-worthy as it gets.
(I’m noticing this list is already rather vampire-heavy.)
3) Rory, Dean, and Jess from ‘Gilmore Girls.’ Watching Rory fall for beautiful boy Dean, her first love, was so sweet, but when the brilliant, bad-boy Jess came to Stars Hollow, he took romance to a whole other level, and turned out to be a better, if not more tumultuous match for Rory.
(and while where on this subject. . .)
4) Lorelai, Max, and Luke from ‘Gilmore Girls.’ Luke might be perpetually rough around the edges, but his gruff yet utterly vulnerable charm was leagues above clean cut, English teacher Max. It just took Lorelai forever to realize it.
(wait, is it always girl-boy-boy?)

5) Sidney, Michael, and Lauren from ‘Alias.’ We waited forever for Michael and Sidney’s first kiss, and then to throw a wedge between them by having Michael get married to the evil, double agent Lauren? If it weren’t so much fun watching Michael figure out he can’t live without Sidney, it almost would have been unforgivable.
6) Josh, Donna, and anyone Josh ever dated from ‘West Wing.’ The writers made us wait, what, six seasons? before finally giving fans the satisfaction of seeing Josh figure out that the one had literally been sitting in front of him all along.
(now back to girl-boy-boy)
7) Starbuck, Lee, and Anders from ‘Battlestar Galactica.’ I know Anders is a really good guy and a famous pyramid ball player back in the day, but he couldn’t hold a candle to Lee Odama and Starbuck in terms of chemistry.
8) MJ, Peter Parker, and Harry from ‘Spider-Man.’ There’s no competition between Peter and Harry as far as I’m concerned–Peter is always the right man–but watching Peter win MJ’s heart is so riveting.

9) Elizabeth Bennet, Darcy, and Wickham from Pride & Prejudice (the Keira Knightley version). We all know it will be Mr. Darcy in the end, but for a while, Mr. Wickham is awfully appealing and downright flirtatious. And in the newest film adaptation, they finally made him as good looking as I’d imagined from the novel.
10) Noah, Allie, and Lon from ‘The Notebook.’ Will Allie follow her heart and run back into the arms of the ruggedly handsome, local boy from her youth, or marry the upstanding, wealthy Lon Hammond to whom she is engaged? The choice is obvious, but the movie makes us agonize for quite a while.
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