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Sure, plenty of people are analyzing the choice of Jimmy Fallon for next fall’s Emmy awards hosting duties but tonight Hollywood will host a different kind of red carpet celebration, one you won’t, unfortunately, be able to find on TV. The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences will give awards to several television shows and movies that represent shows wrestling with a moral issue in a thoughtful, intelligent manner. The Television Academy Honors will give recognition to shows like “CSI” and “Glee” as well as television movies like the war drama “Taking Chance” and documentaries like Maria Shriver’s “Grandpa, Do You Know Who I Am?” The shows examine issues as far-reaching as assisted suicide as well as the representation of physical and mental disabilities.
I like the idea of television being honored for substance over style, but I am a little disappointed that several other shows did not get nominated. Once again, “Friday Night Lights” is not on an award list, but I think the show’s treatment of Matt’s grandmother’s dimentia is certainly worthy. For that matter, I think “Parenthood” and it’s treatment of a special needs child has been smart and not heavy-handed, so it also should get a nod.
What television shows do you think have a conscience and make an effort to tackle important societal issues that you believe deserve the Hollywood red carpet treatment? And would you watch an awards show on television that focused more on the character of a show then on which celebrity shows up wearing which designer dress? I know I would.

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