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Surely negative press and salacious gossip are nothing new when discussing the Church of Scientology but former Scientologist Amy Scobee’s new explosive, self-published book – which makes me wonder if traditional publishers were too afraid to release it – is probably going to be the most controversial look at Scientology yet. “Scientology:Abuse at the Top” discusses in great detail Scobee’s over twenty years of involvement in Scientology and attacks Scientology leader Miscavige for many alleged human rights abuses done by him and those under him – both physical and emotional. But certainly what will get the most attention is the fact that Scobee also makes several less than flattering claims about Tom Cruise which has the actor denying everything and possibly preparing to lawyer up and fight back.

Scobee claims to have worked at a pretty high level in the Scientology organization and even alleges that she was given the task of searching through the Scientology ranks to find appropriate candidates to fill Cruise’s househhold staffing needs – a.k.a. nannies, housekeepers, and other positions. She also hints that people within the Scientology organization have handled at least part of Cruise’s fortune and that Scientology was, as many have assumed, directly involved in the break-up between Cruise and Nicole Kidman.
What’s more interesting is Cruise’s possible plan of attack for dealing with this latest assault on his personal life and his religion. Though the Tom Cruise portion of the book is not the biggest share of Scobee’s tell-all, Cruise’s lawyer, Bert Fields, has already denied the allegations in Scobee’s book. But the lawyer is not recommending Cruise sue Scobee- at least not yet. FIelds has instead recommended in a letter the following:”Assuming that you publish these libelous assertions, I have urged Mr. Cruise not to give your book publicity by filing a lawsuit while it is initially on sale, but to wait until later to file an appropriate action for damages.”
Perhaps one way to interpret that seemingly menacing statement is to say that Cruise won’t sue her because when the movie star doth protest too much, few people listen – or believe – what he has to say, so taking action against Scobee will only hurt the box office gross of his upcoming movie “Knight and Day.”

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