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Yippee, woohoo: ‘Glee’ returns tomorrow night, Tuesday, for its spring run of episodes after what has felt like the longest hiatus ever. Over the last few months without my weekly ‘Glee’ episode my life has been without song! Without a certain amount of candy-coated color! And without the unbelievable quips and ridiculous running commentary of none other than Sue Sylvester! Woe is me, without Glee!For those of you who have been living under a rock and haven’t yet watched this most fabulous new show, you can by part one of season one on DVD (or netflix it) to catch up. And for the as-yet-unconvinced, here is my Top 10 reasons that you should get on board (in no particular order):1. Sue Sylvester. Sue Sylvester!!!! Need I say more?2. It’s impossibly cheerful(!!), even when there is green or purple sludge throw at various Glee members.3. Romantic entanglements galore. Rachel and Finn. Mr. Schuester and Ms. Pillsbury! 4. Um, awesome singing. And dancing. All of which you can download and listen to afterward.5. It will make you laugh and cry and feel inspired and then laugh again.6. Kurt. I mean, come one, KURT!!! Kurt doing ‘All the single ladies.’ Kurt teaching the entire football team to do ‘All the single ladies.’ Kurt coming out to his father, one of my all-time favorite scenes on television.7. ‘Glee’ is chock full of that perennial tv show question: Will they or won’t they? Rachel and Finn. 8. Quinn is going to have her baby this season. OMG.9. Have I mentioned Sue Sylvester? And Broadway quality singing? And the fact that the cast is going on tour! (I’m going when they come to NYC in May. That’s right. I’m not ashamed to admit this.)10. ‘Glee’ is ultimately and utterly about the triumph of the Geek (I mean human) Spirit.I mean, what more can you ask for in a show? Seriously.

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