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bree-tanner.jpgThe other day I got a notice from Amazon to my email informing me Not to wait! Pre-Order Stephenie Meyer’s ‘Eclipse’ novella now! Despite my obvious fandom of ‘Twilight’, my first thought was: Novella? Why would I want to read an ‘Eclipse’ novella? Especially when I can read the novel “Eclipse” in its entirety. So I went looking around to see why and if anyone could convince me an ‘Eclipse’ novella is a worthy cause. Here is what I found:
Title: “The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner”
Immediate reaction: Who in the world is Bree Tanner? I’ve read the ‘Twilight Saga’ books backwards and forward a gazillion times and I have no idea.
Answer: Apparently, she is a newborn vampire, made by Victoria, to help go to war against the Cullens and the werewolves and get to Bella. So this ‘Eclipse’ novella tells the story of a random cameo character. Hmmm. Well.
My response to this new information: to be perfectly honest, I could really care less about a behind the scenes look at a newborn vampire that has so little to do with what I love about ‘Twilight’ –the romance, the triangle of Edward, Bella, and Jacob, the drama–that I have no compulsion to read this whatsoever.
Um, is this Stephenie Meyer and her publisher just trying to make yet another buck? Promote the release of ‘Eclipse’ (the movie) in June? Um, yeah. Okay, so $1 donations go to the Red Cross for each person who buys the novella. But still.
Okay all you ‘Twilight’ fans: will you bite the bullet and buy ‘Eclipse’ the novella? Or will you sidestep this little detour and reread the real thing? Could you care less, too, about Bree Tanner? I sure can.

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