We should have seen this coming. At least those of us who caught the 2003 “All About Mormons” episode of the riotous and irreverent animated show, South Park, should have realized that creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker hadn’t exhausted the reserves of things they had to say and sing about Mormon life. (I mean, that episode didn’t even mention the “Men on a Mission” Mormon hunks calendar…)Now, Parker and Stone, together with Avenue Q co-creator Robert Lopez, have written script, music and lyrics for a new Broadway musical, “The Book of Mormon,” which “will tell the story of two young Mormon missionaries sent to Uganda to spread the church’s gospel.””Growing up in Colorado, a lot of our friends were Mormons and we always thought their book would make a great musical,” Parker and Stone said in a joint statement (cited at BBC News Online).The show, which will be directed by Parker and Avenue Q director Jason Moore, is due in March of 2011, and with South Park and Avenue Q as the creators’ collective pedigree, is bound become a controversial and irreverent treatment of Mormon life. In this clip from “All About Mormons,” South Park’s new Mormon family explains part one of the story of Joseph Smith (you can view parts 2, 3 and 4 at the website):

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