Fellow blogger Donna just wrote about her disappointment with author Stephenie Meyer for releasing an “Eclipse” novella to continue to prey on those rabid vampire readers who are her fans, and now it seems maybe beloved “Harry Potter” author J.K. Rowling might follow suit. In a recent interview she hints that she is tempted to write an eighth novel involving Harry Potter, but it won’t be any time soon. Rowlings said if she does consider writing more about Harry’s wizarding world, it would not be for another decade or so.
“Harry Potter: The Middle-aged Years”? Wasn’t part of the magic of the series that readers grew up with Harry and experienced their coming-of-age along with him? Wouldn’t seeing Harry in the midst of the tedium of adulthood sort of break that spell? I personally didn’t even like the glimpse of Harry’s future that we saw at the end of the seventh book because it didn’t give readers as much opportunity to imagine what might be.

It actually doesn’t sound like Rowling is all that serious about the possibility, admitting the notion is a “big if,”but I am curious about what all of you Potter fans think about the idea. Would you want to see another book about Harry as an adult? Or would you like Rowling to write another story about Hogwarts, but not necessarily about Harry?
And how many of you -like me- think Rowling, as well as other creators of successful books and movies, should just leave well enough alone?

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