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A while back, the world was treated to “Buffy vs. Edward,” a mashup of footage from the first Twilight movie and from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. (How does it end? Well, let’s just say that in every generation, there is a chosen one. And she’s a girl.) With last week’s release of the trailer for Eclipse, the newest segment in the Twilight series, I thought it was time to visit some of the parody videos inspired by this (melo)dramatic vampire-human romance.5. Twilight High School Musical and its sequel, Twilight: New Moon the Musical.4. Twilight Parody by the Hillywood Show – Where music videos to extended techno versions of pop songs meets vampire love story, that’s where the Hillywood Show comes in. If you like their Twilight parody, check out their “New Moon” parody here – it perhaps proves that the dramatic plot of these books is better suited to the genre of music video.)3. “Once Bitten” – You know that scene where Bella tries to guess what Edward is? Well, this is the version that proves neither Edward nor Bella is likely to get into their “reach colleges.”2. SNL’s Firelight – In a tribute to the spirit of Frankenstein, a new family of Frankenmonsters is grafted onto the high school cafeteria angstiness of Twilight, and featuring a pitch-perfect parodic performance by the otherwise ludicrous Megan Fox.1. “New Moon in a Minute” – JacksFilms, which previously lampooned the Snuggie and the ShamWow, sinks its fangs (sorry…) into Twilight. (Also check out their take on the upcoming storyline in Eclipse.)Plus, since you read all the way to the end, here’s your reward – a clip that’s marginally about Twilight, and mostly about Lost: Lost Parody #10: Twilight – In this episode, the Lost character action figures are visited by a pale stranger.

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