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This Sunday we will find out who wins the Oscar for, among other categories, Best Animated Feature. Among the nominees are: ‘Up’, ‘The Princess and the Frog’, ‘Coraline’, ‘Fantastic Mr. Fox’, and. . .‘The Secret of Kells’?I know. I haven’t heard of it either. Even more interesting? The story itself, described in front page feature yesterday in the New York Times, is as follows:”Set in a remote abbey in medieval Ireland, “The Secret of Kells” follows the adventures of a boy — a young monk in training — as he works with an illuminator to finish the Book of Kells, the Latin manuscript transcribed by Celtic monks around A.D. 800 and considered an Irish national treasure.”An animated monk? An illuminated manuscript? What?! This is definitely not your typical Pixar special. Check out filmmaker Tomm Moore’s blog where he’ll be chronicling his movie’s unlikely appearance at this year’s Oscars. And, appropriately enough and Oscar or no, the film opens in New York theaters around St. Patrick’s day. I will definitely be there. And I think I have to root for Secret of Kells to win–I can’t help but love the underdog!Watch the trailer here:

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