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Health Care Schmealth Care!
It’s not just on the news channels right now. From the prime time TV newsmagazine shows to the morning, afternoon and evening talk shows, something called “The Health Care” vote is sure getting a lot of attention.
I, for one, think it is misnamed. It should be called the “Politicians’ Politics Vote,” because it seems to be more about who is going to win and who is going to lose rather than what Americans think will help them, at least according to the polls. And polls. And polls.
So here’s my idea: instead of making calls to our Congressman’s office, let’s send ’em some DVDs! there are at least three great movies that speak directly to this moment.
Remember that great speech that Michael Douglas’s President Andrew Shepherd gave in Rob Reiner’s “The American President,” written by “The West Wing’s” Aaron Sorkin? In it, he withdraws the legislations that’s meant for political gain rather than public good. What a lesson our current leaders could take from that!

Or what about the story of Ivan Reitman’s “Dave,” where Kevin Kline plays everyman Dave Kovic becomes President Bill Mitchell. Oh, the things that could happen if re-election was not a consideration!
Of course, these issues aren’t exactly new. All the way back in 1939, Frank Capra’s “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington” featured Jimmy Stewart as the regular guy whose simple questions of Washington’s tricks could and should be asked on the Senate floor today. I wish someone would break out the clip!
And if the large screen doesn’t get the job done, why not borrow from “The West Wing,” especially those great episodes where they dared to take on the hardest national tasks, even at great political risk and even when willing to forfeit the political gain to get the job done.
This vote is more about politics than Health Care. it usually is. It’s less than inspiring. I’m gonna go watch an old movie!

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