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choron-lookitsjesus.jpgHave you ever seen Mother Teresa in a cinnamon bun or Jesus in a chicken cutlet?

A new book, “Look! It’s Jesus!” by Harry and Sandra Choron compile photos and stories of amazing holy visions seen by people around the world, from Arizona to Australia. There are fantastic sacred sightings photos of Jesus, the Virgin Mary, Mother Teresa, and even Buddha in ordinary objects such as frying pans, lava lamps, baseballs, pretzels, and more.

Want a copy of the book? Beliefnet and Chronicle Books are giving away five copies (one per person). Be 1 of 5 people to win a copy of the hilarious book.

Post a comment below by Monday, March 15 in answer to the question: What’s your most funny and memorable religious moment?

Make sure to include your email address in the designated area (it won’t be made public). The 5 best responses–based on the judgment of the Idol Chatter editors–will each win a book.

  • Click here to read the official contest rules before entering.
  • Click here to see select photos from the book, “Look! It’s Jesus!”
  • Click here to upload and share your own unusual, sacred sightings photos.
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