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Corey Haim
If there is anything worse than reading about a once-beloved celebrity dying, it is reading about it with a lack of surprise and an air of resignation. That’s how I felt when I read the news today that actor Corey Haim died in the early morning hours at only 38 years of age. Details and rumors are pouring out of Hollywood at a furious pace, but actual facts are still a little sketchy. It isn’t clear if drugs played a part in his death or not, but prescription bottles were taken from his apartment that he shared with his mother and an autopsy will be performed sometime this week to clarify if Haim indeed did overdose. It certainly is what every media outlet seems to be assuming in light of the actor’s troubled life off the screen.
I haven’t crushed on Corey Haim in quite a few years – not since he appeared as the title character in the delightful film “Lucas” – but certainly I have been aware of his ongoing struggle with drug addiction and his failed attempts to restart his career which include that horrible A & E reality series “The Two Coreys.” It seemed like the demon of addiction was never fully vanquished from Haim’s life, so I guess he was unofficially on some mental short list of actors I have never exactly expected to read about making it to old age.

I think the best words of inspiration and solace regarding Haim’s tragic death come not surprisingly from his “Lost Boys” co-star, longtime friend and sometimes enemy, Corey Feldman. On Feldman’s blog he posted a sweet tribute to Haim which included these touching words: “We must all take this as a lesson in how we treat the people we share this world with while they are still here to make a difference. I hope the art Corey has left behind will be remembered as the passion of that for which he truly lived.”
I share that sentiment and certainly offer my prayers to Haim’s friends and family who are grieving the loss of one very lost boy.
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