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Oh Stephenie Meyer, you’ve started two trends with Twilight: the vampire and the werewolf! Taylor Lautner as Jacob Black is perhaps the most famous movie werewolf at this point, but he’s one in a long line of other incarnations over the last few decades. To honor the fabulous actor Benicio Del Toro’s newest werewolf to hit the screen in “The Wolman,” The New York Times recently did an interactive retrospective of the werewolf in film, in “His Hair’s Not Always Perfect,” and which includes movie clips going all the way back to 1941.
Among those films listed, the teenybopper ones are still my favorite. These include:
The adorable Michael J. Fox as furry, fangy creature, in the 80’s classic ‘Teen Wolf’:
The angst-and-abs Jacob Black of Twilight’s ‘New Moon’:
I have to say, Benicio Del Toro’s werewolf looks terrifyingly wonderful.
For fans of werewolf novels, my best recommendation is the fabulous, edgy “Shiver” by Maggie Stiefvater. It’s sequel, “Linger,” comes out this summer.

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