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On the anniversary of the historic decision of Roe v. Wade, one California production company is taking a different approach to the pro-life debate. Yellow Line Production is launching an innovative new web series, “The Bump+.” The pilot introduces three women facing unexpected pregnancies and will follow them as they navigate the painful choices they face.
What makes this show stand out from other web-based series is that this show has a look and feel of a reality show, but it’s not. The premise of the show features a mock reality series that is in the process of casting a show about women facing a decision about life when they discover they are pregnant.. The show-within- a-show will follow the women for several weeks until they make a choice about their pregnancies. But there is nothing completely predictable about this series. In fact, the producers claim they don’t know exactly how this series will even end.

According to one of the producers, the official website will listen to audience feedback posted to the site and craft the endings with the comments of the viewers in mind. The purpose is to promote some healthy, less strident dialogue than what has surrounded the abortion debate over the last few decades.
After the pilot, the remaining episodes will air in February and March. From what I have seen so far, “Bump+” is one more example of how traditional, scheduled programming on TV is being left in the dust for more cutting edge, interactive, thought-provoking entertainment on the web.

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