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A few years ago, John Travolta–probably better known for his affiliation with the Church of Scientology than his acting at this point–stepped in to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina, jetting in food and meeting with the folks of Louisiana.
Now, Travolta is doing the same to help the earthquake victims in Haiti. In a discussion on this effort, Religion Dispatches reports in the article, “Travolta Airlifts Scientology, Supplies, to Haiti” that:
“Even though relief organizations like Doctors without Borders face difficulties landing their planes, Travolta has apparently “arranged for a plane to take down some volunteer ministers and some supplies and some medics.”
But does it matter that Travolta is bringing his Scientology with him? That Scientology is part of his aide package? Becky Garrison, author of the article, is skeptical:

“Upon further examination, whatever genuine relief [celebrity Scientologists] might provide appears to be offset by their efforts to promote their religious beliefs. For example, during my stint volunteering at Ground Zero after the September 11 attacks, I witnessed the Scientologists’ volunteer ministers in action. Once some semblance of order was restored after a few weeks, they were one of the religious groups kicked off the site for proselytizing and passing out pamphlets under the guise of providing “pastoral care.”
What do you think? My initial thought is the following: there is such desperate need in Haiti from any willing person, with means, time, money, etc., that it doesn’t matter where the aide comes from, only that it arrives and ASAP.
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