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It’s another hit for Al Aqsa TV. Hamas’ terrorist TV channel — which (according to the NY Post) “routinely indoctrinates kids by portraying Israelis as ghouls — is launching a new cartoon series that depicts another enemy, the Palestinian Authority police.”
The NY Post reports that the pilot episode was a huge hit in the Gaza Strip during its premiere. The six-minute toon was shown as a special preview by Al Aqsa TV:
“[it] shows a toadyish Palestinian officer watching as a Jewish character machine-guns a group of West Bank children to death and drinks their blood. “You killed our children before my eyes,” the officer says meekly. “I will respond with even more peace.”
Honestly, I don’t know where to start. As a Jew, I could be scared (though not surprised) that Jews are the targets of invective disguised as children’s education in a Hamas-controlled society. I could focus on the fact that the cartoon expands the circle of blame, naming both Jews and Palestinian Authority officers as co-conspirators. But instead of delving into regional politics, or invoking history past and present to elevate the ire of the left or the right, or of those who would explain sociologically such violent tones in the cultural realm, all I can do is feel appalled at adults using children to continue the legacy of war and violence that reigns in the region.

These children are having their innocence stripped from them by the hatred of previous generations, and with the departure of this youthful spirit, also departs the hope that a better future is possible. And if there’s no hope of a better future, there’s no reason for them to try, no reason to live. If in the future, these hopeless children are approached by extremist groups to sacrifice their lives as martyrs for the good of their people, what motivation will they have to say no?

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