Idol Chatter

We’ve now watched seven seasons of Jack Bauer interrogating all sorts of folks, from terrorists to the president–and using techniques I highly doubt are government approved (wink, wink)–on 24. As 24 fans get ready for season eight to begin on January 17, 2010 on Fox–I know, can you believe it, we are up to eight!–this Jack Bauer/24 spoof is not to be missed.Jack is rather famous for screaming all his lines through every single 24 episode–after all, at any second the entire world might explode!–so the combination of Jack’s screaming, plus his trademark interrogation techniques, combined with SANTA (yes, the man in red himself, and with an British accent to boot), as Jack’s subject, makes this little spoof rather priceless.My very favorite part: when Santa starts giving up names…Dasher, Dancer, Prancer… Too funny.24

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