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One of the many legacies of the hit sitcom “Seinfeld” is the holiday it gave us, Festivus. Over a decade later, some of us still like to observe December 23rd as the day to air our grievances over injustices real and imagined from the previous year. I started my own festivus tradition here at Idol Chatter where I bemoan the wrongs foisted upon me by those who make the pop culture I all to willingly consume. Even staying away from the obvious choices like all of the Jon and Kate media coverage,there’s plenty to choose from this year, but here’s what tops my list. Leave me your Festivus greetings in the comment box!
“Friday Night Lights”
I am not even going to pretend that there has been anything more upsetting to me regarding the television landscape than the ongoing lousy treatment “FNL” is given by NBC
Sure, I am glad that DirecTV has pitched in on the production costs with NBC to keep the series alive, but making fans wait until next summer to watch the show when it is airing right now on DirecTV is pure torture for the fans who have stuck with this show. It’s even more painful in light of the fact that the four season is as strong and touching as any previous season and NBC doesn nothing to rally behind one of the great series on TV – ever.

The adding of extra nominees to Oscar categories
Even though I love movies, I have to say that I become less and less enchanted with the Oscars every year. The ceremony gets longer and more inconsequential to mainstream America every year and adding extra films to the Best Picture category, making the ceremony even longer is not going to solve that problem.
Long hiatus’s between episodes of my favorite shows
Why do great shows like “Glee” or even pretty good shows like “Chuck” assume we are going to wait several weeks ,if not several months, for new epsodes?? In a saturated media marketplace and no noe’s ;oyalty should be taken for granted these days.
Too Much Vampire Stuff – Everywhere
With all due respect to fellow blogger and vampire lover Donna, I can’t take all of post “Twilight” interest in all things vampire with TV series and book ri[p-offs everywhere.

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