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gaga-boyle.jpgA divine musical union could be in the works for 2010 if wild and edgy pop singer <a href="" target="_blank" >ady Gagacollaborates with classic and homespun Susan Boyle.

The Sun quotes Lady Gaga admiring the “Britain’s Got Talent” star:

“I love Susan Boyle. She is my woman of the year. She has achieved more in this year than most artists will in a lifetime. This time last year nobody even knew who she was and now she is knocking the world’s most established artists off the album and singles charts. Our styles are different. I don’t know if we could work together, but never say never. It would be great to work with somebody of that talent.”

Could the heartfelt, aria-esque “I Dreamed a Dream” and “Cry Me a River” songs pair well with the brash, electronic styles of “Poker Face” and “LoveGame”? Maybe Gaga and Boyle will need to play “Telephone” and ring in Beyonce to help bridge the two musical genres.


What do you think? Is the potential pairing divine or demonic?

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