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movie-avatar.jpgDid you see “Avatar“? I’ve waited to post on it so as not to give it away, or throw water on the fire of what for many seems to have been a powerful experience.

I thought it was Big. New. Different. Titanic-like. But when it comes to personal connection, I didn’t get it.  Did you?

James Cameron certainly waited a long time, something he’s been willing to do before. He waited a full half-year from the intended release date of “Titanic,” believing he had something so big it deserved the holiday season audience. He was right.

And with over $212 million in revenue thus far, it seems his marketing instincts were right in waiting for the holidays to release “Avatar.” It certainly has been seen by a lot of people. But I’ve also found it’s a bit like a Madonna concert, or a Paris Hilton event–people have heard of it, and agree it’s a big deal, but don’t seem to rave about it.

I think “Avatar” has done an amazing job at marketing the creative element of what amounts to a new kind of movie making. And the film itself is physically striking, filling up the screen with delightfully fulfilling colors and images and themes and ideas.

But the script itself–the story written on the beautifully backgrounded canvass–was lacking, in this opinion. It was the windup without the pitch. The set-up without the climax. A beautiful show without the finale.

Perhaps your experience was different. I hope so. “Avatar” has been seen by a lot of people. But it fell short of the inspiration I was looking for from such a Big Event. It reminded me of how I felt when I saw “Star Wars: The Phantom Menace.” I knew it was an event. But it fell short of expectations.

And yet, I was hopeful then for the next one, and remain the same for the next “Avatar.” Or something like it.

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