Idol Chatter


Remember the grilled cheese sandwich made famous–and holy–by the face of the Virgin Mary when it was sold for $28,000 on eBay in 2004?

That faith sighting, among others, was one of the more fun and funny faith-meets-food highlights of the past decade or so.

Others, as listed by The Daily Beast (“Father, Son, and the Holy Toast”) list images of Jesus on a potato chip (2005) and on a pierogi (also 2005) and the Virgin Mary (again) as an oil imprint on a baking sheet (also 2007).

Over at The Huffington Post (“Famous Faces in Odd Places”), the famous faith-foods include Mother Teresa on a cinnamon bun (2006), Jesus on a fish stick (2004), Honest Abe on a chicken nugget, and (why not?) Elvis on a moon pie.


What crazy faith-food apparitions do you hope to see in 2010 and the coming decade? Which sighting was your favorite? Personally, I’ll always love the Virgin Mary Grilled Cheese.