Idol Chatter

If you haven’t seen this already it’s a must. Twitteleh: Twitter for your Jewish Mother, is hilarious. Twitteleh is a spoof on both Twitter (obviously), and the affectionate reputation Jewish moms have for checking in on their kids a bit too much, their sons most of all, and in this way that is pushy and at times, well, out of control nosy. The Twitteleh video is aimed at those sons looking for a quick and easy way to appease Mom’s constant need to know, and it’s instructional in nature–“Every time you want to update your Jewish mother, go to and answer these three questions”–the three questions being:1. Where are you?2. What have you eaten?3. Are you wearing a sweater?Hilarious. Seriously. And it stars a very, funny Jewish mother to boot. Not to be missed.

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