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Mackynzie Renee DuggarEarlier this week I had the pleasure of speaking with Michelle Duggar, the mom on TLC’s “18 Kids and Counting,” for an upcoming Beliefnet Thanksgiving feature. She also gave me an update on her new granddaughter Mackynzie Renee (daughter-in-law Anna gave birth on October 8th).
“Oh, she is so sweet,” said Michelle, who is currently pregnant with her 19th child. “People have always said being a grandparent is wonderful. Well it is! Just the joy of getting to love on that little one. And then knowing that all of the responsibility is not on your shoulders. [Laughs] I think that’s possibly the reason it’s so wonderful. You have that love flowing back and forth and yet you’re not the one carrying the full responsibility. Of course, we’re always there, and available, and praying for them. She is so sweet, so precious and Josh and Anna are doing such a good job.”
Congrats to the Duggar family!
For more on The Duggars, check out my interview with Michelle and Jim Bob.
18 Kids and Counting

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