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I have already stated here at Idol Chatter that I am not flash in the pan Susan Boyle fan. I am not surprised by the recent news that her debut CD has set a new global sales record for pre-orders over at Amazon. I know I certainly pre-ordered my copy weeks ago when I first discovered she was going to be covering many classic hymns such as “How Great Thou Art.” But I am even more excited about the spotlight begin on Boyle again for another reason. She is bringing awareness to those with learning disabilities.

Boyle has shared in several recent interviews that she was bullied as a child in school for being different. She has also shared that a belt was used on her a regularly basis by school staff because she couldn’t keep up the pace academically. Boyle admits she has always had a tougher time than most learning anything new because she has had a learnng disability since being oxygen deprived at birth, but that she has relied on her faith to get her through. It is just one more obstacle this unconventional Cinderella story has overcome and that makes me admire her even more.
As I have stated previously here at Idol Chatter, I realize Boyle is a fragile soul and I hope the fame and success is not too overwhelming for her. I also believe she will bless the world with her testimony as much as she will with her music.

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