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fringe.olivia.dunham2.jpgI can count way too many JJ Abrams television shows in my repertoire of TV addictions both past and present, but with Felicity as his only exception (unless you count Noel as a guru of sorts–he was an RA after all), JJ Abrams loves to introduce a Yoda-like guru of sorts (or several) to guide his characters through all sorts of trials. On “Alias” there was Milo Rambaldi, who reached out from the grave, sparking many an obsessive man and woman to travel to the far corners of the earth and risk their lives on many an occasion for some Rambaldi inspired enlightenment. On Lost, Abrams’ gurus are more explicit, obvious, and many in number: everyone from Mr. Eko to John Locke and even the elusive Jacob have taken a turn at playing guru for the islanders.
Now on the second season of Fringe (a show I love and am completely addicted to), Abrams has introduced yet another guru–I shouldn’t be surprised since this is classic Abrams, but I had to roll my eyes when I realized it was happening again. Special Agent Olivia Dunham is the winner of this new accessory! Dunham’s work requires her to “delve ever deeper into the dangerous world of fringe science…to realize that science and technology have already advanced beyond our dreams…and nightmares,” and as anyone who has grappled with fringe science knows, life can get pretty tough, and sometimes you need a little offbeat, vague wisdom to help you through it all.

After Olivia returns from a parallel NYC and lands herself in the hospital, she’s suffering from post traumatic stress and is recommended to see a “specialist” for some help, a man by the name of Sam Weiss. Olivia goes to visit him and come to find out, he works in a bowling alley! And, in true Mr. Miyagi style, he uses everything from bowling shoes to rolling that heavy ball down the alley to help Olivia through her trauma and teach her some valuable life lessons. Oh, and I can’t forget the riddles! He speaks in Yoda like riddles too.
I can’t say that I like this new storyline much, but I do think it’s interesting that JJ always does this on his shows. He clearly loves the spiritual teacher (of sorts) and continues to try this character out across his many shows. So far, I like Locke best. Sam Weiss has yet to grow on me.

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