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Last week, on “Glee,” we learned that Puck – the Mohawked, hot-mom-loving jock who is the father-to-be of Quinn’s baby – is Jewish. It happened with a single word/punchline: “Shalom.” Puck’s Jewish heritage could have receded into the background, but this week, the football star continues to assert/exploit his Jewish identity by singing a musical number that he calls his “personal tribute to a musical Jewish icon.”Knowing only that piece of information, who do you think will it be? Barbra Streisand? Bob Dylan? Matisyahu? Guess who? If you’re not afraid of spoilers, watch the clip. But if you hate spoilers, maybe pass on it until after “Glee” airs tonight at 9pm on FOX: we think you’ll agree that there’s more going on in the scene than just a musical tribute: This special sneak preview clip brought to you via the wonder of the internet and the folks at JewishTweets.Glee

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