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vampire-diaries.jpgQuestion: Is it possible that we’ve gone a little vampire overboard?
Answer: Naahhhh. Not according to me at least.
When LJ Smith’s “The Vampire Diaries” series of books came out in the very early 90’s, I read them as an actual young adult. (I know, how novel!) I don’t remember them so well, but what I can say is that these vampire chronicles of star-crossed love and the requisite love triangle, did not do to me what my first read of Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight did back before it hit bookstores. If you go back and read Smith’s novels (they are now repackaged to appeal to today’s teen), you might feel they are a little dated, too.
That said, while this series of vampire books may not be Twilight, it doesn’t mean I won’t be tuning in tonight to check out the CW’s new television drama based on them. I mean, how can I resist at least watching the first episode (or 10) to give it a chance? Won’t you? And, the show has already gotten amazing press and a decent review from Ginia Bellafonte of The New York Times today in her article, “Dear Diary: Bitten, and It’s No Hickey.” Pretty much all you need to know about plot is that for ‘The Vampire Diaries’ the love triangle is not vampire, werewolf, girl, it’s good vampire, evil vampire, girl.

And while your gearing up for tonight’s premier, check out the LA Time’s roundup by Hero Complex of all things vampire coming at us these days, including ‘The Vampire Diaries’ (and Twilight and many others), and Idol Chatter’s Fall TV Spiritual Guide, which includes, yes, ‘The Vampire Diaries.’
The Vampire Diaries

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