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Though Michael Moore and I have only met a few times casually at events surrounding the film festival he runs and the art house theater he owns, it’s safe to say I have something of a love/hate relationship with the man. I am quick to rant about his films and his political agenda even while I have great respect for the way he has benefited my community by creating the Traverse City Film Festival and by bringing movies here for production.
Still, I read a headline today that made me burst out laughing. Even as Moore is out and about promoting his latest film, “Capitalism: A Love Story,” he is trying to find a new twist to gain a little media attention. Moore is hinting that he might not make documentaries anymore.

I think Michael Moore stopped making documentaries a long time ago. Even “Roger and Me” – a movie I really liked – has been argued as an entertaining film that lacks good journalism. Which leaves me questioning how this pseudo-announcement is really all that newsworthy. My only conclusion is that nobody does a frumpy, hand-wringing Chicken Little martyr/saint impression better than Moore- at least in Hollywood’s eyes.
But here’s the truly ironic part of this potential change of careers for Moore from my perspective. I actually believe he is a talented, incredibly funny storyteller, so I would love to see him make a great movie that is promoted for exactly what it is: fiction.
And as far as Moore’s current movie goes, well, I haven’t had a chance to see it yet because it is one movie Moore hasn’t allowed to be played in our area. However, after I have seen it, I am sure I will be posting here at Idol Chatter in detail how capitalism has indeed been very, very good to Mr. Moore in spite of his self-professed attachment to Marxist ideals..

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