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yoga.JPGDespite the summer heat, Bikram yoga (hot yoga)–done at temperatures of at least 100 degrees and usually more–is ever more popular. I am not someone who can imagine subjecting myself to that kind of workout in dead summer, though in winter it appeals far more, but for those who do–what to wear while you are sweating it out?
Winter Miller from the New York Times has fashion answers for hot yoga aficionados–a “practice named for Bikram Choudhury, the 63-year-old yogi who created a set of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises repeated identically in every class, [where] the humidity in the room is meant to make people sweat out toxins and stay limber.” She’s especially concerned with those who lament that the yogis in these classes are often “wearing the workout equivalent of bikinis”–which can make the entire enterprise a bit “daunting” for participants. In her recent article “Hot Yoga Clothes” she offers advice for bearing the heat through a series of slides that show different hot yoga outfits.
My favorite is the one by Shakti Active Wear. What about you?
But be warned–some of the outfits still look an awful lot like bikinis to me! And some include simply the basic gear you need to endure the class.

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