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While I rarely agree with the Emmy noms and I am tired of hearing about the whole VMA /Kanye West debacle, one award was announced last weekend that put a big smile on my face. The Humanitas Prize has awarded prize money for over thirty years to writers who portray “the human condition in a way which ultimately affirms the dignity of the human person and reveals our common humanity.” This year In the television drama/sixty-minute episode category, “Friday Night Lights” finally got some of the credit it deserves for its season three finale, “Tomorrow Blues.” It couldn’t have happened to a better, continually neglected show.

“Tomorrow Blues” is especially well suited to win this prize as the episode focused on the rituals and experiences that bind us all: weddings, graduations, career changes, and family drama. At the center of it all, the Taylor family remains a symbol to all that no matter what life throws at us , it is possible to survive wit the unconditional love of those around us.
The timing of the award is helpful to the overlooked sports drama, as its premiere on DIrecTV is only a few weeks away. And to prepare for that season debut – if for some unexplainable reason you still haven’t checked this series out – NBC is currently offering all of the past three seasons online for free viewing for a limited time.
Friday Night Lights

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