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spike.jpgBuffy fans (yes, we are still everywhere and yes, we act as if the show is still on the air–we are a devout bunch) are all abuzz about–dare I say, our favorite?–vampire joining the cast of ‘Caprica‘ which premiers on the SyFy channel in January.
That’s right! Spike, that lovable angsty British vamp on Buffy, aka James Marsters, will play the role of terrorist Barnabus Greeley for three episodes, likely more:
“The character is described as an unpredictable villain who often finds himself torn by his conflicting motivations, which are driven by moralistic and yet carnal desires.”
Sounds a lot like Spike’s character actually. And you did realize when I mentioned “favorite” that I meant Spike? Or do we need to start a Team Angel and Team Spike kind of war like with ‘Twilight’ fans? And by the way, for those who came to vampire-love via ‘Twilight’ and not via Buffy like me, you have seven amazing seasons of ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ ahead of you on Netflix! And I envy you, whoever you are. I remember the days when I was a Buffy virgin, too.
James Marsters

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