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The most infamous and outrageous apprentice The Donald ever had, Omarosa, has announced she is ready to embark on a new career. The sassy diva has decided she wants to be a woman of the cloth. It seems Omarosa plans on attending United Theological Seminary and she has been considering the decision to go into ministry for some time now. In fact, she said in a recent interview that God has been leading her to this choice “for two years and I can’t ignore it.”

Before I am accused of immediately resorting to my usual snarky comments, let me say I hope it’s true. I hope she and God are on speaking terms these days and he has given her a divine kick in the pants to set her life on a new course. It’s just that to the watchful eye of reality TV worshippers, such a conversion does come as a surprise. After all, Omarosa has carefully crafted her image as an aggressive, confrontation loving control freak who has never been afraid of being called the “b” word. I think she’s made it clear in the past that this is because she has found far more success in being “naughty Omarosa” – as her website puts it – than “nice Omarosa.”
So I am simply wondering when that “naughty” part of her website is going to be taken down off the internet as she pursues a life in the pulpit and I am wondering if God has told her yet to change her myspace page where she lists her occupation as a “bad ass.” Because if she thinks it’s bad to be fired by The Donald, well, her new boss is a whole lot more powerful.

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