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I know Idol Chatter has plenty of “Twilight” fans out there who are always anxious for the latest Edward and Bella news,and yesterday Mattel revealed the latest in “Twilight” merchandise with a photo of two new Barbie dolls in the form of Bella and Edward. According to Mattel, “Twilight” series author Stephanie Meyer had creative imput on the project and actual costumes were brought to the dolls’ designer – reportedly an unabashed of all things “Twilight” – for inspiration.

With such purported adoration of these characters having gone into the creation of these dolls, I have to admit I am left scratching my head just a little.Now I admit I am not one of the faithful followers of this teen vampire series, but I am truly surprised at the lack of similarity between Barbie Bella and actress Kristen Stewart. And is it just me, or does Barbie Edward look significantly creepier than Robert Pattinson?
But if you’re seeing something I’m not and love these dolls, well, the bad news is that the dolls won’t be in stores until November, just prior to the latest movie installment of the vampire saga, “New Moon.”
However, the good news for me is that now I know what I am going to get fellow blogger and vampire lover Donna for Christmas.

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