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Miley Cyrus Pole DanceWhile it seems like everyone has their panties in a bunch over Miley Cyrus pole dancing at the Teen Choice Awards on Sunday, I’m not hearing many people complaining that convicted rapist Mike Tyson, who was recently seen in the comedy “The Hangover,” appeared on the show.
Now while I’ll contend 16-year-old Cyrus was dressed somewhat provocatively (her shorts were too short and her bra was sticking out of the back of her shirt), the “pole dancing” wasn’t really as dirty as everyone is claiming. At one point during her performance, she steps onto an ice cream cart and is rolled around the stage. There is a pole on the cart (the girl needed something to hang on to) and at one point as she’s singing, she bounces to the floor. She wasn’t gyrating around it like a stripper the whole time.
I was much more horrified to see Tyson on stage, participating in a Jonas Brothers “dare” in which the former boxer cut off some of Joe Jonas’ hair. A convicted sex offender at a teen event?! What were the organizers thinking?!
That disgusted me way more than Cyrus’ dancing.
And, the amount of young people at the event who have been involved in one sex scandal or another (nude photos, homemade porn, etc) probably outnumbered the wholesome teens at the show.
Compared to some of them Cyrus is pretty much Mother Teresa.
Miley Cyrus

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