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werewolf shoes.jpgTeam Jacob (as in Jacob Black, the werewolf hottie best friend of Bella in ‘Twilight’) fans have long been gearing up for the fall release of ‘New Moon,’ since it’s probably the most Jacob-focused book out of the four in Stephenie Meyer’s ‘Twilight Saga.’ The latest ‘New Moon’ trailer is even a “Go Team Jacob” trailer.
Well, for you pro-werewolf fans, have I got a pair of shoes for you: as seen in the most recent New York Times Style Magazine’s “Don’t Step On Her Toes,” now on the market are–wait for it–werewolf shoes! We are talking shoes with giant werewolf claws extending from them. A little traumatized by this? I know! Me, too. I am both immensely amused and disturbed. I quote:
“For those who run with wolves, Bob Basset, an artist from Kharkov, Ukraine, has created a tantalizing prototype. In addition to their conspicuous claws, his ”leather paw shoes” have foot pads on the underside (digital, metatarsal and tarsus) so wearers can feel lycanthropic to their very soles.”
Though the blurb mentions nothing directly about ‘Twilight,’ there has got to be a connection to why this artist suddenly decided to make werewolf shoes. I’d be shocked if there wasn’t. The real question, of course, is the following: does anyone out there love Jacob that much? Are there any readers who might even consider being seen in these the night ‘New Moon’ releases? If so, please reveal yourselves!

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