harrypotterandhalfbloodprin.jpgIf watching “Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince” over the weekend wasn’t enough to curb your Harry Potter cravings, I have good news for you. There’s a new “Harry Potter” movie you can watch and it’s free. Best of all, access to it is as close as your computer. “We Are Wizards” is a whimsical documentary about the deep impact of the world of Harry Potter on generation that started reading the books as tweens and are still expressing their Potterish devotion now as twenty-somethings. The doc is available for viewing exclusively over at my favorite online movie site, Snag Films, and shouldn’t be missed by Potter fans.

I knew this wasn’t going to be your run-of-the-mill documentary when the movie started rather cheekily with a woman proclaiming in a dire tone the great and many evils of the “Harry Potter” series. Cut to two sweet, albeit nerdy looking, young men discussing how they created their band, Harry and the Potters and how they started playing the public library circuit when they were still in high school. Cut to a “Harry Potter” loving mom and dad who help their two boys and their “Harry Potter” influenced band as they sing the destined-to-be -a -classic “I am a Dragon and I Don’t Care.” Come to find out, there is actually a subgenre of rock called wizard rock and it has quite an avid following.

This is just one of many discoveries I made as the movie intimately explores the impact the world of Hogwarts has had on several fans who share how the series is woven into their lives. One woman is a journalist in New York, but still runs a “Harry Potter” website by night. A young girl recounts how she took on Warner Brothers when they tried to shut down her website, The Daily Prophet. Yet another reader shares how “Potter” helped her deal with her grandmother’s illness.

Because I am only a moderate fan of the series, I have never thought about how “Harry Potter” would live on after there were no more new books, but this documentary clearly shows that true devotees have given this question much thought. Harry is inextricably woven into the fabric of the lives of many who grew up with him and he will live on in a myriad of creative and inspiring ways. “We are Wizards” convinced me that our society will be all the better for that.
Daniel Radcliffe at LocateTV.com

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