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When you do a Google search in your brain for “Jewish Theater” and “New York,” you probably get “search results” that include “Fiddler on the Roof,” maybe a Yiddish play or two, a revival of “The Dybbuk.” But you probably didn’t get the words “Kosher Jewish Girls in Krakow.”
“Press #93 for Kosher Jewish Girls in Krakow” is opening in October at the Jewish Theater of New York, and, according to the Theater’s website, is “a comedy about the Kosher phone industry, the repression of basic human desires, the use of hi-tech to monitor followers around the clock, the invention of new prohibitions on a daily basis and the making-up of historical facts in support of such actions.”
Page Six in the New York Post adds a note from Theater founder Tuvia Tenenbaum, who says the comedy “takes a hard look at ultra-Orthodoxy in the age of Twitter and iPhone, revealing for the first time how rabbis use high-tech to control followers and rewrite history through a wireless net of ‘Kosher Phones’ that adherents must carry.”
The Theater’s slogan is “Daring to Think Different.” How different? Other shows have included “Mountain Jews” (with a logo spoofing on beverage Mountain Dew).

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