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michaeljacksonphoto.jpgBy Ariadne Green, dream expert
On the afternoon of June 26th, Michael Jackson danced through the gates of heaven. I had a dream announcing his death the night before it happened.
I was “dreamwalking” through Neverland mansion taking in the pop star’s legacy. On the walls were remnants of an ancient Native American culture, petroglyphs and pictographs, that I know now were connected to the Chumash Indians who centuries ago made their home in the valley at Neverland Ranch. Beyond the walls, in another part of the house was the deceased artist’s studio. Positioned at the center of the room and left unfinished was a sculpture, symbolic for the London tour.
I had touched Michael Jackson’s ancient soul through a portal beyond any earthly conception of time. It was precognition.
Hundreds of fans have reported dreams of Michael Jackson since his death. Forum after forum, and a multitude of “tweets” on Twitter reveal the legendary pop star lives on in the dreams of his fans. From Michael moonwalking in heaven, to a dreamer performing on stage right next to Michael, the dreams shed a great deal of light on the superstar’s influence on the psyche of his fans and on the collective consciousness of humanity as a whole.
Not many of the dreams reported would be classified precognitive, as mine was. In fact, the majority merely revisited memories or represented the unconscious yearnings of “crush-prone” fans whose deepest wish was to spend a personal moment with their pop idol–like one I read from a teenager who dreamt Michael came into her kitchen, sat down, and embraced her with a long kiss. Some dreams mentioned Michael’s influence on the dreamer’s personality, while others quelled some of the grief at his passing. And still other dreams brought into full view Michael’s emotional state just before his death.
At least two dreams I read were from clairvoyant dreamers who had tried to spiritually intervene to save Michael’s life in months and days before his death. One dreamer visited Michael in a ransacked room with no windows. Empty prescription bottles and the cap of a syringe on the nightstand spelled out that Michael was in big trouble. The only remnants of his true spirit were a few pieces of jewelry, turquoise bracelets and rings, meaningful elements baring similarity to the pictographs in my own dream and again remarking on a Native American connection. The dream ended with the dreamer crying out, “Michael! This place is a wreck. What is going on?” In response, all the dreamer could see were Michael’s teeth chattering out of fear.

The dreams of fans bring up the question–“When is a dream more about the personality, thoughts, and concerns of the dreamer than about the celebrity himself?” It takes some experience with dreams to recognize the difference between a dream created out of the dreamer’s own creative imagination (a personal dream) and one representing unconscious contact with the soul of another. Intuition guides the process.
A testimony to Michael’s mystical and philosophical nature is this quote taken from the his official website: “The meaning of life is contained in every single expression of life. It is present in the infinity of forms and phenomena that exist in all of creation.”
Through his words we are summoned to seek the meaning of life in the “infinity of forms and phenomena of creation”. Our night dreams, phenomena of a creative process, offer us the kind of meaning Michael was referring to. Michael undoubtedly valued his dreams as evidenced by an early home video in which he asks his son, Prince Michael, “Did you have a dream last night?”
Ariadne Green MS., is the author of Ariadne’s Book of Dreams, Warner Books, 2001 and Divine Complement: The Spiritual Terrain of Soulmate Relationships. To read more on the topic of Michael Jackson dreams visit her website.

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