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david-arquettepic.jpgMany celebrities do really nice things for charity, but every once in a while they not only take on a cause, but they’re willing to get uncomfortable doing it.
Such a sacrifice will be made next week above New York City’s Madison Square Garden marquee, which not only raised money but also set a wonderful example.
David Arquette, star of the “Scream” movie franchise, will spend two nights (Tuesday and Wednesday) in a Plexiglas box where all could see him. He will receive text messages and eat. The funds being raised will go to Feeding America, the nation’s largest domestic hunger-relief charity, with network members supplying food to more than 25 million Americans each year.
Revenues are being managed through several sources including a Facebook page set up by the people who make M&M’s and Snickers (Mars, Inc.).
When an actor is willing to do more than just write a check or do a photo opportunity–but really able to become uncomfortable for a long period of time–more than just money is raised. We can all reflect on what we are able and capable of doing for those less fortunate, and perhaps we can also get a little more honest about the many comforts we enjoy and the rarity of sacrifice we’re asked to make.

To donate, visit
And for all of us, if we’re not going to donate to this, Arquette’s commitment should challenge us to do something–whether financially or otherwise–for a cause we care about this summer.
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