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susanboylerecent.jpgI am no flash in the pan Susan Boyle fan. I have been following her rising star with both interest and anxiety as she has navigated life after being runner-up on “Britain’s Got Talent.” Overnight singing sensation Boyle was hospitalized after the talent show’s end and then much was written about her antics and missed performances while on tour in Britain.
Despite these setbacks, Boyle is getting in touch with her U.S. audience via a taped interview for “The Today Show” shown earlier today and an extended interview to be shown tonight on “America’s Got Talent.” On the “Today Show” interview Boyles seemed calm, downplayed her cosmetic makeover, and proclaimed she hoped her rise to fame wouldn’t end just yet. Yet she also confessed in the same interview that she the celebrity attention has been “like a demolition ball.” All of the negative press and the high expectations surrounding her upcoming album seemed to not have dampened this woman’s moxie, and I for one still feel some hope that this reality TV story might actually have a happy ending. Let me tell you why…

I have watched with admiration and respect the way Simon Cowell and Piers Morgan, two of the “Britain’s Got Talent” judges, have come to the aid of this obviously fragile soul. It seems some folks in showbiz don’t always put making a buck before someone else’s welfare. They have defended her and protected her from the press. They have helped her reduce her schedule, delay certain appearances, and continued to provide resources to her to adjust to this new lifestyle.
Undoubtedly there is still much money to be made off of Boyle’s talent, and someone like Cowell, who is working with Boyle on her album, will be one of those people. But I am really ready to see someone plucked from obscurity and thrown into realty TV fame who is not exploited, but allowed to grow and develop at her own pace instead of becoming another falling star who crashes and burns.
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