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Earlier today Jermaine Jackson gave a press conference addressing the few known details surrounding his brother Michael’s death. At the end of his emotional speech he says, “May Allah be with you Michael, always.”
Interestingly enough, many media outlets, including The New York Times and ABC News Australia are misquoting this expression of faith.
The New York Times claims the quote was, “We all loved being with you Michael, always” whereas ABC News Australia says it was, “‘May our love be with you always, brother.”
Michael Jackson reportedly converted to Islam in late 2008 after he took the shahada, or oath of Islamic faith, in Los Angeles at a friend’s home. He had been raised a Jehovah’s Witness–which he spoke about in depth in an essay he wrote for Beliefnet in 2000. Jermaine became a Muslim in 1989.
Check out the video of the press conference. What do you hear him say?

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