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The Cinderella story of Scottish singer Susan Boyle ended Saturday night when she performed on the “Britain’s Got Talent” finale. Though she was an odds-on favorite to win, the dance team Diversity beat her with a stunning performance, leaving Susan as the runner-up. After a rough week in which the media covered Boyle’s meltdown from being in the limelight, Boyle took the stage singing the song that wowed the world, “I Dreamed a Dream.” But the dance troupe made up of several sets of brothers dazzled the judges and won over viewers to receive their chance to perform for the Queen of England and launch a career.As much as I am a fan of Boyle’s, I have to say that I am happy the dance troupe won. Boyle clearly struggled with the overnight fame and, in fact, has been admitted to a hospital since the show ended, suffering from exhaustion. She will still have a shot at a singing career, but she needs a break and I don’t need another reality show disaster to read about, thanks.On the other hand, the win by Diversity will, as their choreographer said, “change our lives.” The group has their own underdog story as they have only been together for a few years and the older members of the group are all working various jobs or getting university degrees. They remind me of a newer version of the percussion/dance troupe Stomp!, which has had huge success in the United StatesBut the even bigger winner in all of this has to be the British TV series itself. It is estimated that possibly as many as 20 million people were watching over the web last weekend in addition to the viewers in Britain. In fact, “Britain’s Got Talent” has made this year’s “American Idol” and all of its clones look pale in comparison.If you want to watch the performance that landed Diversity first place, click on the video below.

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