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truebloodpic.jpgIn my opinion, the jury’s still out on whether season two of HBO’s “True Blood“–premiering this Sunday, June 14th–is worth the commitment. Whereas season one started off promising–Sookie Stackhouse meets vampire Bill, who is not only good looking but old-fashioned sweet on her, that was about the only story line of the show that didn’t plunge too deeply into utter depravity. There was so much murder and kinky everything that I got to a point that I didn’t know if I could take it anymore–despite my love of all things-vampire.
But, the truth is, I can’t wait to watch the premier this Sunday. I’m giving it another chance, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the show can only go up from where it left off, and possibly back to indulging that romantic in us who longs for more Twilight-Edward-Bella star-crossed love and wants to satisfy that craving with the latest try at a vampire-television series.
And while you’re waiting, check out Joseph Laycock’s article, “True Blood: When Marketing Goes For the Jugular,” about why HBO’s quirky-bloody add campaign for the show helped draw so many viewers last season.
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