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madonnapicforic.jpgMadonna’s media representative released the news that the pop star has been approved by a Malawian court to adopt another child from that country. I can’t tell whether I hate or love all of the press she is getting.
In 2006, she adopted David and now is adopting Chifundo “Mercy” James, but it had been held up due to a court ruling that she hadn’t been in the country long enough. Their high court now has ruled that those outdated laws won’t be binding in this case, which is good news for her and hopefully for Mercy, but it also got me wondering: why do the stars get such great press when they choose to adopt a child?
The part I like about celebrity adoption stories is that the plight of the countless needy children around the globe is raised in the public’s eye and the option of adoption is promoted. That is a good thing; many of my friends have chosen adoption and it has changed their lives and the lives of the adopted kids for the better.
But there is also something I don’t like. The challenges a celebrity faces when attempting an adoption are so far fewer than those of the typical American who’s attempting to adopt a child. Further, the celebrities–whether it be Madonna, Angelina Jolie or whoever–often received favorable treatment. We need so many more people to adopt so many more children rather than just being temporarily interested in the latest celebrity news cycle. I wish there was more coverage of the issues around adoption rather than just the celebrities’ involvement in them.

Of course, we probably know just as little about what life will be like for young Chifundo inside Madonna’s household, but amidst all of the hub-bub I hope that more families consider adoption, and I celebrate the good things that will happen for her as a result of this adoption into a family that wants her. Albeit a single-parent family led by Madonna.
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