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jonandkategosselinforic.jpgI’ll admit, after being a regular viewer, I’ve missed the last two episodes of “Jon & Kate Plus 8.” I’m starting to get sick of watching them play out their marriage drama on TV, not to mention the fact that every episode seems to be an advertisement for another show–Kate recently visited Charm City Cakes–the setting for the TV show “Ace of Cakes” with the kids, and the crew from “American Chopper” built Jon and Kate motorcycles. But, on the plus side, it does look like the couple is single-handedly saving the magazine industry.
But I digress.
TLC has been running promos for a one hour special set to air on Monday, June 22nd saying, “Jon and Kate have an announcement.”
The promo also has Kate saying in a voiceover:
“Recently, we’ve made some life changing decisions. Decisions that will affect every member of our family, ones that we hope will bring each of us some peace.”
Apparently this special has bumped a regular episode of the show, showing Kate celebrating Mother’s Day, so I’m thinking the “announcement” has to be important. I think odds are they’ll announce a pending divorce, or at the very least a separation–which I don’t think will come as a surprise to viewers, considering it’s been pretty apparent that they’ve been seperated for a while now. (I mean, how dumb do the producers thing we are? “Jon’s at his mom’s house.” “Jon needed some alone time.” “Jon is on vacation.”).
What is surprising, however, is that Jon and Kate haven’t seemed to make much of an effort to save their marriage–at least nothing that’s been featured on their show or reported on in the media. We recently asked Beliefnet readers for their advice on how Jon and Kate could heal their relationship. (Check out the tips.)
Perhaps the announcement will be that they are leaving the show to work on their marriage. I’m crossing my fingers for that.
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