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deniserichards.jpgActress Denise Richards, ex-wife of Charlie Sheen and star of the reality TV show “It’s Complicated,” will soon guest host medium/spiritualist John Edward’s show. The star began a deep appreciation for the spiritual world after her mother passed away in December 2007.
Richards recently spoke with Cindy Adams about how she befriended a psychic medium that her mother met shortly before her death:

“Mother had had a reading with this Natalie, who, without knowing any of our family details, told my mother, ‘Your dad, your dog, your Aunt Birdie are waiting for you on the other side.’ She had knowledge of these people without any of us mentioning them.
“Unknown to me, my mother had given Natalie a book for my two little ones. The book explains death. When she knew she was going, which was before I even knew she wouldn’t be around much longer, she wrote in it: ‘I’ve arrived in heaven and from here I’ll always watch over you as an angel.’ She gave the psychic this book to give to my girls, which Natalie subsequently did. We’re not friends. And I have that book safely locked up.
“I believe all of us on Earth eventually go somewhere and that guardian angels do exist. Raised Catholic, I’ve started church again and taken Lola and Sammy to be baptized. I desperately have wanted a message from my mother, and I want to hold onto anything which will make that happen. I’ve told her to stay in contact with me even if she has to talk to me only through Natalie.”

I think it’s wonderful when celebrities are open about spirtual lives and share their beliefs, and I’m glad Richards has found comfort knowing her mother is always looking after her and her girls.
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