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I guess Britain’s infatuation with overnight sensation Susan Boyle isn’t over yet. The 47-year old singer who wowed audiences on “Britain’s Got Talent” a few weeks ago was back onstage last Sunday for the semi-finals and received another standing ovation for her performance. While I am thrilled for this underdog, I have to say her musical choice really shocked me. Maybe it’s different over in musical mogul Andrew Lloyd Webber’s home country, but really, I think in America many of us can say with confidence we don’t need to hear another rendition of “Memory” from the show “Cats.” But then along comes Ms. Boyle. Her version of the ballad didn’t quite wow me the way her first selection “I Dreamed a Dream” did, but she did make the song her own. Indeed, as the lyrics state “a new day has begun” for Ms. Boyle and she continues to shine doe the world to see.Watch the performance below.

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