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NewMoonPicture.jpgSo I can’t help but respond to Dena’s Idol Chatter post about the release of the “New Moon” movie poster to the press–especially since I hate it! I am Team Edward through and through, and it was one thing to suffer the Edward-Bella separation in the novel of “New Moon”–even though I do like the way the friendship (emphasis on friendship) develops between Bella and Jacob–but it’s another to see Bella in JACOB’S arms on the poster for the film! Ugh.
Does anyone else out there agree with me? It makes me a bit nervous for the movie, since I was not exactly over the moon (ha!) about the choice of actors for Jacob in “Twilight,” either. I’m a little worried that “New Moon” is going to end up being too much Jacob Black and not enough Edward Cullen.
Two other things:
1) Has there ever been so much buzz for the release of a movie poster before? Seriously. It’s been covered in every newspaper, webzine, and magazine in the country. This shows what a huge phenomenon “Twilight” has become.
2) The initial footage for “New Moon” will be shown during the MTV Movie Awards on May 31st. I can’t wait to see it! (And I’m hoping it will calm my worries about too much Jacob…)
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